From a young age I had a real love of children's clothes, there is something so lovely about the delicacy of these tiny creations.  I followed that passion and became a childrenswear buyer for a number of companies before finally having two girls of my own to dress.

My husband is half French which meant we often travelled to France to visit my in-laws.  I would always return laden with beautiful clothes for our children.  Strangers would often comment on how nice it was to see well dressed children or ask where their clothes came from, the same would happen when I posted pictures of them on social networking sites.  That is when I decided to start bringing them back to the UK.  

Historically hand smocked clothing has been very expensive and therefore saved for special occasions like parties.  However, I'm a great believer in not saving things for best, so my girls tend to wear dresses all the time.  Fortunately they love wearing beautiful clothes but there will be a time when they will choose leggings over smocking, so for the time being I plan to indulge my passion.  

Coco-Belle has made hand smocking more affordable and therefore something that can be worn everyday.  Wear your beautiful dress to the park with wellies, eat an ice-cream in it and most of all have lots of fun in these clothes, my girls certainly do